Your ticket includes the price of the entertainment to keep everyone grooving during the 4-hour tasting event. The 2019 festival featured the Ann Kerstetter Band for the entertainment.

Music and Entertainment at the Selinsgrove Brewfest

About the Ann Kerstetter Band...

Take a woman driven to entertain her audience with a voice reminiscent of the velvet of Etta James and the gravel of Janis Joplin. Add extremely talented musicians who blend as a single unit with her to bring it all back home to you, the Ann Kerstetter band is one hard act to follow.

Pennsylvania powerhouse vocalist Ann Kerstetter was on a mission when she returned to the PA music scene 3 years ago after a 20-year hiatus. She wanted to perform at the Billtown Blues Festival and then make her way to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Mission Accomplished.

Ann returned from powerful, mojo packed performances at the 2009 IBC in Memphis and a special guest appearances at B.B. Kings with “Joyce Hernderson and the Music Machine”.

Ann continued to impress the Blues community with her heartfelt and electric live performances and her debut CD “Classics”. In his review of “Classics” Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE Magazine Jun/Jul says….” Kerstetter is a fabulous singer with personality, wide emotional range and a welcome lack of affectation. “Classics” continued to gain national and international recognition and then Ann released her follow up CD. “DUKE ST. DIARY”. “Duke St. Diary” features 11 cuts including 9 originals by Ann’ and her band mates. The disc also includes her first original song performed in Spanish, the haunting “No Me toques mas asi.” “Duke St.Diary” also features songs by Ann Rabson and EG Kight.